Food Service Consultants (FMT) are independent professional advisors who, for a defined scope of work and related fee, we work as advocates for our clients in achieving their goals right through the design and implementation of food service facilities and/or licensing and operations/management systems. As consultants we provide expertise, knowledge and experience to provide assistance that does not exist in-house, or by providing resources not available to our clients. As independent professionals our primary focus is the welfare of the client organization that we serve.

What can we do for you:

  • Provide Consultants very knowledgeable in the foodservice and hospitality industry
  • Furnish specific/specialized expertise
  • Be fully involved for the limited, specified period
  • Bring high degree of industry and regulatory experience
  • Provide advice, education and training on a wide range of topics
  • Provide independent, objective advice
  • Facilitate between project team and foodservice operations professionals
  • Act as an advocate for foodservice operations
  • Enhance a client’s business

Our clients Include: