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Whether you are a chef, a certified food safety manager, a food and beverage manager, or anyone who has employees handling food or a business offering Food handler Training, you should become an FMT Food Handler Associate.
Our online food handler program is simple to sign up, easy to manage, and has a value that can’t be beat, sign up and instantly receive a $1.00 discount when used with your coupon code.AssociateProgram_icon

State/DBPR Approved Program

Food Safety First! Is a uniquely effective way to train food workers in food safety. The five-part video series uses colorful characters, humor and an interesting storyline to engage workers in a non-threatening manner. Food Safety First! Is technically accurate and gives practical examples of the key food safety issues in foodservice. Students progress through five video segments including the top ten causes of foodborne illness, personal hygiene, time and temperature abuse, preventing cross contamination, and cleaning and sanitizing. Each segment contains a quiz that employees must challenge as they navigate through the course, along with a final exam to test learning. Food Safety First! Is an approved food worker training program, meeting all requirements of Chapter 509 of the Florida Administrative Code.


















To become an FMT associate is easy and free it is simple to sign up, easy to manage, and earns you $2 for every employee completes the course (pass guarantee). Just fill out the sign up form, and you will receive an initial coupon code for 5 uses (more if required) a link to place on your website. Direct your food handlers to sign up take the online course through our site, entering your designated coupon code for you to receive your payments. Even if you don’t have a website? That’s okay just direct them to ours. So you can still earn money with the associate program.            



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