3 hours @ $25.00 per person with Workmate Booklet add $10 PP.

A full and comprehensive program for housekeeping employees that includes:

  • Cart stocking
  • Bed making linen removal
  • Toilet Wash basin and mountings, cleaning
  • Bath shower tray, walls and surfaces
  • Floor cleaning
  • Replenishing guest supplies
  • Dusting, wood surface cleaning
  • Electrical items

Note: This course can include a competency based booklet for each employee, and is often paired with the Lodging & Safety class to give a new housekeeping employee all the standards necessary to be successful. In our experience when new hires are thrown in at the deep end with no formal training program in place, turnover becomes a major problem. Staff like to know when they are doing a good job but if they are only paired with existing staff for a brief period of orientation all that usually gets passed on is the “shortcuts”.