4 Hours @ $50.00 per person

Apart from increased customer satisfaction, this will equip your servers with all the skills necessary to represent your property at the highest standard, as well as increasing average total spends.

We include:

  • How to greet guests, the right and the wrong way.
  • Suggestive selling, improving your overall spend totals. Techniques for selling wines, specials and Desserts
  • Correct order taking, coding of checks.
  • Presenting the check, the right and the wrong way.
  • Food placement, order of service.
  • Personal Presentation, politeness, and attitude toward Guests
  • Reading guest body language.
  • Correct service of wine. Servers are often reluctant to sell Items they are nervous about serving.
  • Servicing and clearing of tables.
  • Serving coffee and desserts.