* Florida Responsible Vendor (Managers) Program. On Line
2 – 3 Hours @ $49.95 per person

Your license could be in jeopardy if your business is sued for unlawful or extreme intoxication.

Are your employees prepared to properly ID guests, monitor guest intoxication and deal with the safety of over intoxicated guests?

This program is designed to protect you, your establishment, your employees and your guests. It is applicable to all positions in any establishment that serves alcoholic beverages this program provide information on understanding alcohol laws and statutes, personal & professional responsibility, recognizing & preventing extreme intoxication, checking identification and identifying false or improper identification and handling difficult situations. Immediate Benefits to you: gaining a valuable advantage over the competition.

  • Lower insurance premiums $$
  • Improved customer service $$$
  • Reduced exposure to alcohol liability lawsuits $$$$
  • Decreased penalties for alcohol violations $$$$$

    Responsible Service of Alcohol (Employees) On line$29.95

  • Complete with drugs information, legal responsibilities etc required by responsible vendor.

* The Florida Responsible Vendor program requires both a manager and employee course. The Employee must recertify every four months. FMT offers the following discount when signing up for both courses: All employees associated, with a qualified managers program, can recertify every four months, as required, for free for the 1st year.

Live class. (Florida Responsible Vendor) $95.00 PP

*Minimums apply + travel costs may apply