“Don’t risk a fine of $2000, or even more for non-compliance”


Training is offered at various locations or on-site at your Property. We offer targeted training and/or staff orientations to help reinforce your guidelines, to implement new techniques, and to establish workplace goals for efficiency, safety, quality and consistency.

Why us?

FMT has some of the most experienced trainers available, one of which is a former supervisor of  inspectors, two of which are published authors, and the other is the most qualified wine trainer you are ever likely to find. Don’t just leave your training to anyone, use the best!

Training your employees (or hiring employees that have been through our training programs) creates higher morale, greater earning potential, a sense of loyalty to your company, longer retention rates and better customer service ratings. All of these foster guest loyalty, repeat business and higher revenue for your business.

Also, some of our courses can even save you up to 15% on insurance premiums by reducing your liability risk.


Our clients say:

“We have been working with Roy and Mike at FM

T for several years now in various capacities. In addition to food safety training for both our new hires and continued education they consulted on our HACCP plans”.

“We would highly recommend their online classes and test”.

Andi Moss – President and Founder Muse Gelato


“I am very happy with this site.  The courses are easy to understand and very knowledgeable.  The information is accurate and up to date. My employees find the courses simple, helpful, and fast. We look forward to training future employees with these courses”

church street district logoOur Clients include:

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Please feel free to mix and match our classes to meet your needs. For example, you can combine our Food Manager class with the “Hi I’m your Health inspector” presentation for your food safety managers. Or combine Lodging & Safety with Guest Room Servicing & Cleaning.

Our rates are highly competitive and our number one aim is to be of value to your business through increased revenue, reduced costs, greater customer returns, higher staff retention rates, or improved employee efficiency. We strive to improve your business efficiency and quality through training.

The FMT Training Staff are highly experienced Hospitality professionals. Who better to understand the special pressures and demands of our industry?

We can evaluate and improve your business through training & consultancy.

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