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Food Safety First In Partnership with Food Manager Testing Now has:

A Training DVD Video Kit approved by the Division of Hotels and Restaurants!

FOOD SAFETY FIRST! Is an economical food safety training DVD designed for introducing the new employee to the proper care necessary for safety in the food industry? Using this food safety training DVD you can train your entire staff for a single low cost of only $150.00 – Includes both English and Spanish on the DVD.

Don’t repay over and over for the same course, you can reproduce the quizzes, training logs, and workbooks yourself!

Depending on your business size you can save thousands of dollars with our Training Kits. Never have to pay again, or book another outside trainer, no more books and Certificates to purchase.

The FOOD SAFETY FIRST! Food Safety Training DVD Program was written by Drexel University to provide an effective tool for maintaining sanitary conditions in your place of business. Below is the list of some of image001the topics to be covered in this training course.

  • What is food safety?
  • Food storage
  • Food preparation and service
  • Who is responsible?
  • Contamination of Food
  • Microbiology
  • Personal hygiene
  • Temperature control
  • Cleaning and sanitizing
  • Pest control

FOOD SAFETY FIRST! Will help reduce cost to the employer by instilling professionalism in employees to help reduce turnover. It will also teach proper refrigeration, freezing, cooking, and reheating methods to prevent loss due to food spoilage and it will provide assistance in complying with governmental regulations, whether they are federal, state, or local regarding cleanliness, storage, cooking and training procedures in the industry.

FOOD SAFETY FIRST! Is convenient because it is designed for in-house training and can be used by a supervisor who has passed the Certified Manager’s Exam acting as the trainer.

Approved by the State of Florida Division of hotels and restaurants.

Food Safety First! Training Kit On DVD – $150.00 (plus applicable sales tax).

Five modules in both English and Spanish on one DVD. Complete with trainer’s manual, handouts, tests, and training log.

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