On-line and on-site training.

We believe we provide the most comprehensive on-line allergy awareness course on the web. We include printable documentation that you won’t find with other providers or on other sites.

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FMT Food Safety & Consulting works with restaurants and other food service establishments to help develope operating procedures to insure allergen awareness and safe food service. FMT will conduct a menu analysis and assist with preparation & cooking procedures that will insure an allergy free meal for your guest. The loyalty (and repeat business) of allergy suffering people to restaurants that do the job right is well documented; diners with allergies tend to concentrate where they consider it “safe” to eat!

More and more states are looking at making allergy awareness a required part of their food safety programs.  Beginning February 1, 2011, in Massachusetts, EVERY certified food protection manager will be required to obtain the “Massachusetts Certificate of Allergen Awareness Training.”

Allergy awareness and procedures are already identified as an integral part of any HACCP plan. We believe it is only a matter of time before more and more states demand proof of training and certification in allergy awareness.

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