“Sous vide” is French for “under vacuum”, and describes a method of cooking in vacuum sealed plastic pouches, at lower temperatures, for longer periods of time. With the proper equipment, and some basic knowledge, anyone can prepare consistently delicious and safe food. With more advanced knowledge, a chef can safely create (or modify) recipes to realize their unique vision. Our goal is to maximize taste while minimizing the risk of contamination from food pathogens.

FMT can provide consultancy services for Sous Vide.


1. Assessment and evaluation of current sous vide processes, practices, and procedures (if any). FMT will make recommendations for the enhancement of current and future procedures, including suitability, efficiency, quality, and safety.

2. Recommendations will include attendance at meetings or briefings, writing and or modifying current procedures, providing working documents, recipes, pro-forma materials, and a modified HACCP SOP program, based on the FDA Food Code and other international standards.

3. If required, recommendations for training, future inspections, and monitoring, will be suggested.