If you are a new facility in Florida, or another state, looking to get your permit/license or are confused by food code statutes and violations or even have “trouble” with the health department, we can assist you by working with you and your health inspector to solve the problems. Certifying additional managers in Food Protections courses, conducting “Food Safety training for your staff, and providing food safety audits that are used as training tools for you and assures compliance with the food code for the health department. We can work with you from the design stage of your facility, through hiring and training employees.

FMT has former “Highly experienced & knowledgeable” inspectors on staff ready to assist you in getting your facility up and running, correcting any problems, and making sure it continues to run safely.

Licensing, Plan Review, permits, inspections, Certificates of Occupancy, Occupational licenses, and all of the other “red tape” involved with opening a restaurant, is confusing for “pros” as well as the new operator. FMT staff includes former DBPR-Division of Hotel and Restaurant inspectors, who can guide you through these processes and answer your questions. Additionally, we can provide on site inspections to identify and help eliminate violations BEFORE they are discovered by your inspectors, and posted on the internet for all to see.

From design and acquisition to licensing; from manager certification to employee training; from Responsible Vendor alcohol certification to allergy awareness and sexual harassment training, FMT provides solutions for all your food service needs.