Food Safety is a broad term that means different things to various parts of the industry.


Food safety for manufacturers, in many cases, involves the slaughter, dressing, and processing of raw animal products, while for others, it may be as simple as combining different ingredients to produce an end product. In both cases, the end result of these processes may end up with a retailer, (restaurant, supermarket, bakery, or other specialty company), who make the final product for consumer consumption.


When we talk of retail establishments, we mean these types of companies that further prepare the product and sell it to the consumer in a ready to eat form.


In either case, FMT uses the years of experience of its operational staff, the FDA Food Code, HACCP principles, and accepted Standard Operating Procedures, to identify your particular needs, and produce a plan to maximize food safety in your operation. From the time you receive “food” products at your back door, FMT monitors and guides the food safety process to your end consumer. FMT provides all the documentation, forms, and manuals necessary to follow a comprehensive food safety program. If necessary or requested, we will also provide the training to your management team or staff, so that they can follow the established procedures.


Look to FMT for all your food safety needs.