Why use FMT?

While commonly called “mystery shop”, the practice of reporting customer impressions of your food service establishment is really a much more involved process. FMT digs deeper and analyzes more closely, the front of the house customer experience. Our program asks questions unique to your business to provide you with practical and useful information.

The FMT “customer” is an experienced food service manager and operator. He has dealt with many of the same questions and concerns you are dealing with now. He sees your establishment as an operator or competitor might see it. He knows what the food cooking temperature should be, and safe food handling procedures; he has trained his own service personnel, and can determine who is helping and who is hurting your business; he is aware of the appeal of your establishment and the underlying cleaning and maintenance being performed; he has been bottom line responsible. His analysis of your front of the house operation exceeds the “basic” information provided by “professional” shopper services.

FMT prepares its report based on your questions and concerns, your establishment, your food, your service personnel, and your operation. FMT provides the information important to you, not a “cookie cutter” report with irrelevant information. Further, FMT makes recommendations and comments to help eliminate any adverse findings. FMT will provide you with customized, detailed reports which will help you identify problem areas and service deficiencies. You are not at the mercy of a disinterested corporate provider, but rather you are assisted by a “partner” committed to your success.

Bottom line, do you want an experienced owner/operator helping you evaluate your business, or a recruited novice looking to get a free meal and earn a few bucks??

The difference is: Our goal is your success.