HACCP Plan Development

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is a prevention based system to assure food safety, it was initially developed for NASA and is rapidly becoming the standard to which most food producer’s work.

A HACCP plan is the written documentation of your food safety policies and processes. HACCP Plans are used throughout the food industry both inmanufacturing or retail operations. It is a system that identifies and monitors hazards to food, and identifies key processes in the flow of food where these hazards can be controlled.

A HACCP plan may be required for facilities such as:

  • Restaurants & establishments that conduct vacuum packaging, and or sous vide.
  • Manufacturers running smoking or curing meats or fish operations that use “time as a public health control”.
  • Manufacturers, etc., who require third party audits.
  • Ice cream and Gelato manufacturer’s, etc.; the list goes on.

FMT will help write your HACCP plan and provide the required written documentation, based on the seven basic principles:

1. Conducting a hazard analysis;

2. Determining the critical control points to reduce or eliminate the hazards;

3. Establishing critical limits for each critical control point;

4. Establishing monitoring procedures;

5. Establishing corrective actions;

6. Establishing verification procedures; and

7. Keeping records.

Our  HACCP plans are customized to your facility. An initial meeting is set to determine your needs and expectations. Each plan is developed over a period of time by the HACCP “team”. The “team” consists of a member from FMT, the manager or person-in-charge from your facility, and any other facility staff members who can help develop, implement, monitor, and verify the plan. Your food safety program should be specific to meet the needs of your food production facility. SOP’s and worksheets will be adapted or modified to comply with your State and local safety requirements. We can provide most, if not all, of the forms and documents required.

A working HACCP program saves you time and money, and provides for efficient use of employee time. FMT also provides regular inspection service to verify proper implementation of the accepted SOP’s, and insure that the required documentation is being completed and maintained.