Roy Briggs

FMT President/owner


Roy started to cook professionally in England at the tender age of eight. At twelve years of age, he was cooking two to three hundred bar meals each weekend in his parents Pub. After leaving school he immediately enrolled at College to train as a Chef and waiter. Graduating, he joined the (then) largest hotel chain in Europe, “Trust Houses Hotels Ltd” . By the age of nineteen he was already a Head Chef.
UK star Chef John Benson Smith,comments on Roy
“Roy had a huge impact upon my Career when I was an Apprentice Chef some years ago (it took a few years for me to realise this).He is a terrific leader with great culinary skills and abilities.I loved his sense of humour and his drive.Above all he is a great guy and full of life and full of beanz out of all of the thousands of Chefs I have worked with over the last thirty years I will always remember Roy Briggs and indeed his passion for driving (and his bloody good food)”

Fourteen years and several hotels later, Roy resumed his education. He attended university, and graduated with a Certificate in Education, which qualified him to lecture at the college level. Initially at “Stratford upon Avon”, (one of the top three rated colleges for hospitality in the UK), he was lecturing along side such colleagues as the former Sous Chef from the Savoy, Larder Chef from the Ritz, and the Pattiseur from the Gleneagles Hotel. He later joined Tresham Institute, as a lecturer in Food Preparation and Hospitality, and held that position for seventeen years.

During this time he wrote various articles for The Hospitality Review magazine and also published his book, “Food Purchasing and Preparation”. Other activities included assisting with the “twinning” of the Tresham culinary department with the French Hotel School “Lycee Hotelier Poitiérs”. This included student exchanges, student shadowing, and presentations of modern English cuisine to French Hotel school VIP’s. As a Salon Culinaire Judge, Roy was Joint Chairman of Northant’s Salon Culinaire. Roy supported and helped students produce medal winning exhibition pieces for Hotlelolympia, etc. He also coached students for Nestle Torque d’ore Competition. Roy also qualified in Training and Development, which permitted him to join the prestigious Institute of Professional Development.

During his 40-year career in the Hospitality training and education field, Roy has been involved as:

  • an assessor of colleges for the UK lead awarding body
  • the IT champion, working to develop “E-learning” in conjunction with Ultra lab, a sub division of Cambridge University
  • A “knowledge master” for Award learning services
  • writing exam questions for National Vocational Qualifications
  • as well as a variety of consultancy work

Relocating from the UK to Florida, Roy joined Hotel & Restaurant Training Services in Orlando as Executive Director. Roy is now a founding managing partner of Food Manager Testing LLC, and is at present developing additional food service trainingcourses. He is qualified as a Certified Food Safety Manager administrator, and as an exam proctor for Prometrics, Certified Alcohol exams, and other certifying agencies. Roy is a board member of the American Culinary Federation (Central Florida Chapter). He is also the liaison member responsible for Food Safety for the Central Florida Hotel & Lodging Association “Bacchus Bash” Event, insuring food safety compliance with Federation participants and regulatory agencies.

Roy is the author of the book, “Food Purchasing and Preparation”, an in depth analysis of operational efficiency, and an invaluable teaching tool for the food service professional.

Mike Campbell

FMT Principle/Trainer


Mike a consulting partner of FMT, and he is ready to help you with any of your food service needs. He has been in the food service industry for over 30 years. Beginning in retail establishments. He has been an operations manager, training manager, corporate Franchise Area Manager, and corporate Internal Auditor for Food Service Operations. After leaving the retail sector, Mike joined the State of Florida as a regulatory inspector with the Division of Hotels and Restaurants. He was promoted to senior inspector, and finally to Supervisor of Inspectors, a post he held for over 5 years.

Mike is familiar with the licensing and regulatory requirements of the State of Florida, and can assist with the permitting and licensing of businesses.

Mike is

  • a member of FAFP, the Florida Association for Food Protection
  • A registered trainer with NEHA, the National Environmental Health Association
  • A registered trainer and proctor for both NRFSP and ServSafe in the administration of their respective food safety programs.

Mike is also the author of “Hi I’m your Health Inspector”, the only book that clearly explains food safety through the eyes of an inspector.

Alex Chiu

Former Supervisor of Inspectors


Phone: 386-405-0913

Born in China and grew up in Hong Kong, I am a naturalized United States citizen residing in the US since 1969.   Bilingual in English and Chinese.  I have three children and seven grandchildren. After college in 1976, my wife and I opened our first restaurant in Stuart, Florida. I had been in the restaurant industry over 25 years. My ventures included Chinese restaurants, bar, ice cream and sandwich shops.  In 2001, I began working for the Florida State Department of Business and Regulation, Division of Hotels and Restaurant as a Sanitation and Safety Specialist, certified with the FDA and promoted to Senior Health Inspector in 2005. My main responsibility was to inspect restaurants for food safety violations and to train new inspectors. I am very knowledgeable on FDA Food Code, Florida State food laws and regulations, HACCP principals, food processes, temperature control, food borne illness prevention, etc.  I retired from the State at the end of 2018.

Sandra Hopper

Our Atlanta-based Associate Trainer


Phone: 407-873-3822

Sandra “Sam” Hopper hails from Miami, FL where she started her career in hospitality over 25 years ago. She has held just about every position in the food & beverage industry over the years, and her extensive and varied experience lends to a well-rounded training experience. Not only has she worked in restaurants, bars and resorts, but Sam also acquired many years of catering, banquet and party planning experience along the way. While living in Central Florida, Sam was given an opportunity to apply her hospitality and food safety experience as an instructor at Hotel and Restaurant Training Services (HRTS), a hospitality training campus in Orlando. It was there that she discovered her love for food safety training & education. After 4 years at HRTS, Sam was appointed as an inspector for the State of Florida’s Division of Hotels & Restaurants where she was able to make a difference on a daily basis by helping food service and lodging establishments to maintain a safe and healthy environment for their guests. Not only is Sam a food safety expert, but she thoroughly enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience through training & instruction.

Sam is:

  • A registered trainer and proctor for NRFSP
  • FDA Standardized
  • Bilingual – reads, writes, speaks and Trains in Spanish