Loveable Cat Breeds That Make Great Pets

Loveable Cat Breeds That Make Great Pets

Ragdolls roll into a person's palm for a scratch behind the ears, belly rub, or head pet—their favorite things in the world. Ragdolls, a large domestic breed, are kind and good with kids and other animals,

Burmese cat became famous in the US and Europe. The Burmese breed, originally dark brown, has been bred into many hues by different breeders. They're all loving, social, and playful.

Ragamuffins are probably simply wondering why their human isn't paying attention. This sweet, gentle breed is trusting and thrives in a busy family.

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Korats, the "good luck cat," were once only given as gifts. They were a fantastic gift because the breed is loving and bonds well with humans. They are smart and have good memories

Pixie-Bobs are great family pets since they get along with people and strangers. They love being with their owners, playing with toys

When introduced to a new home, Russian Blues can be shy. This breed is fun and affectionate once they open up and feel comfortable. This breed bonds with one individual and masters emotional preparation.

High-energy Bengal cats come from the bigger breed. However, their playful attitude makes them great family cats because they adore playing games with their owners.

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