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ALL NEW ~ Employee Food Safety Training Kit

Food Safety First! Is an economical food safety training DVD designed for introducing the new employee to the proper care necessary for safety in the food industry. Using this food safety training DVD, you can train your entire staff for a single low cost of only $150.00 - includes both English and Spanish on the DVD.

Don't repay over and over for the same course, you can reproduce the quizzes, training logs, and workbooks yourself! Depending on your business size, you can save thousands of dollars with our Training Kits. You never have to pay again or book another outside trainer. No more books or certificates to purchase. Click here for more information!

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Food Safety First! Food Handler Course

State/DBPR Approved Program

Food Safety FirstThe 2009 Food Code will go into effect for Florida restaurants on Jan. 1, 2013 according to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. FMT has partnered with approved program provider Food Safety First to produce the most current Food Handler Training on line. Now Only $12.95* per person. (*see associate program) price with access to Free downloadable, printable resources.
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Prevention of Sexual Harassment & Discrimination in the Hospitality Workplace ACF_National_logo small

This course is written by a member of the Hospitality industry, for the hospitality industry and will not Just, list a load of boring legal statutes, but will Define Harassment, explain the negative effects of harassment, describe ways to prevent harassment . Define discrimination, Identify types of discrimination in the workplace and look at how to treat people with disabilities. $24.95 Per person This course is approved by the American Culinary Federation for 2 continuing education hours. Latest comment- The course was very good, informative, and set up in such a way that it was easy to comprehend the material while not having to be bogged down with lots of information”
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The HACCP Course ACF_National_logo small

This course is designed to explain the food safety and hygiene incorporating Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP). The course is aimed at all industry professionals required to have an understanding/knowledge and/or experience of the HACCP program.  The purpose of this course is to provide help in the initial setup, and ongoing development and implementation of HACCP at all levels in the food service and manufacturing sector. This course is approved by the American Culinary Federation for 2 continuing education hours.Only : 49.95 (similar courses go for $100 +) Includes free printable Glossary of terms, see resources link below!

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Workplace Violence & Active Shooter Training Course (NEW!)

Tips for recognizing signs of potential workplace violence. Understanding the profile of an active shooter. How to respond to an active shooter or other workplace violence situations. Training for an active shooter situation and creating an emergency action plan. $39.95 per person.

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Food Allergen Training Course

ACF_National_logo smallFood allergies are a growing public health and safety concern in the United States and around the world. It is now becoming a major concern for the government, doctors, families, and the foodservice industry. This course is approved by the American Culinary Federation for 8 continuing education hours. Only $39.95 per person (or 3 for $100).

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Certified Food Safety Manager

This “study guide” course is designed to give food service managers an excellent foundation to take any of the ANSI accredited professional Food Safety exams. It is written in the most user friendly format with questions at the end of each section to help increase retention of the information found on exams. Now on sale $29.95 per person!! Hurry price won’t last long

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Bloodborne Pathogens (NEW!)

FMT has a commitment to providing the safest workplace possible for food service employees. That commitment includes providing you with information and training to protect yourself from exposure to BloodBorne Pathogens, including: What are bloodborne pathogens? The various types of bloodborne pathogens. How you can be exposed? And more…
$24.95 per person..

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Hi, I’m Your Health Inspector!

Exclusive to FMT! This presentation of the book “Hi, I’m Your Health Inspector!” written by Mike Campbell is only available from Food Manager Testing, and it is designed to eliminate the mystery and apprehension surrounding the retail food inspection process (food inspection for dummy’s). $49.95 per person..

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Responsible Service of Alcohol – Two courses tailored specifically for Managers and for Servers. Click to learn more…


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